Besides of this, in our Laizhou area, we also could make granite,bluestone, slate, sandstone,tombstones,sculptures and other products.We can make special designs according to clients' needs. And havebeen exporting more than 1,000containers to all over the world.

Company Description

Laizhou Kingstone Co.,Ltd locate in the northern stone exported base of
​China is the member of all type committee of national building materials.
We have our own quarry for basalt and a factory,quarry is in Heilongjiang
province and factory is in Laizou, near Qingdao and Yantai ports.

​The factory set up in 1994, through more than 10 years hard work,it has developed a big  scale cooperation which integrates mining concession 
stone  products development  and  production , architecture  decoration 
and design, construction design and import and export trade etc.

​​Our  basalt  is a kind of  hexagonal  column,  which  is a very  rare stone.
It can be made into basalt columns products            ( table & bench, light,
parking stone, carvings, water fountain, fence, flagstone, etc).

We  introduce  the  advanced  computer equipment  of  Italy ,  which can manufacture Roman column, hollow column,all type craftwork panel we
can also elaborated every kind of stone carving,exhibiting craftwork and
daily service craftwork.

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